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The adafruit site is a wonderful resource, but in the uk I order their bits from;

and everything else RS or Farnell.

ebay is sometimes worth a look too, but be careful that what you are buying isn't shit.
I have used for M12 lens and mounts.

Development boards


"This page is about running a (ARM EABI) Ubuntu distribution at BeagleBoard. BeagleBoard will boot the (ARM EABI) Ubuntu distribution from SD card. Since much of this page is generic, it has also be extended to help support devices such as the PandaBoard and BeagleBone."

RPi Kernel Compilation

"You can compile the kernel on the board itself, but because of the limited resources it will take a lot of time."


"Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from cameras. It is able to detect if a significant part of the picture has changed; in other words, it can detect motion."

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