Friday, 25 January 2013

Battery life

the dip at the end of the red line is the GoPro battery giving out. Nearly 8 hours at one frame every twenty seconds - it needs to be better than that, so the camera battery is going to need to be topped up between shots.

The voltage drop on the big battery looks concerning... maybe I forgot to charge it?

To help the arduino it may be powered from the switch mode regulator on the power board via the USB.

Could try putting it to sleep for a few seconds, this may upset the timer. (use the RTC for image/logging times?)

The debug LED's will be taking a little bit a current too.

Before fucking about it might be prudent to get an meter across the NiMH current output...

...looks like approx 60mA running - up to about 85 mA whilst firing the shutter. (including the dummy green LED, which will be a much bigger IR LED on the day.)

Five minutes later and, after hacking a USB B connector off and blobbing onto the back of the switching regulator we are looking at about 36 mA 'standing around' charge.

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