Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Image corruption on beaglebone with stk1160 driver


  1. Are you planning on asking for help fixing the issue? I've found this resource useful for asking questions:

  2. Thanks Jason. Ezequiel Garcia has kindly been helping me with the stk1160 driver, this post merely supports a question he raised on linux-media. I didn't see much worth in raising the question on my own blog, but as you're here, the question was - is this related to beaglebone's known usb dma issues?

    ( I've tried PIO ONLY = Y - that yields black frames with a narrow band of noise at the top of frame... )

  3. Hi..
    Where you able to run the stk driver successfully on beaglebone..?
    Best Regards

  4. No, I don't remember this ever working for me on the Beaglebone... I haven't tried it on the new one though.


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